Beverly Hills, California, September 28, 2016 — Hersh, Mannis LLP, a law firm located in Beverly Hills, California announced today that attorneys, Joseph Mannis, Neal Raymond Hersh, Adam Philip Lipsic and Marc Andre Bertet have been named among the nominees for The Los Angeles Business Journal’s Leaders in Law of 2016 for their significant impact in the legal field.
Based on information gathered by the publication’s own editorial team and suggestions from the legal community, The Los Angles Business Journal’s nomination list includes the leading attorneys who have had a significant impact and continuing to break new ground in service to their family law clientele.

Nominated for The Los Angeles Business Journal’s Rising Star category is Hersh Mannis’ Adam Philip Lipsic, the family law world’s wunderkind rising star. After making Partner of the firm less than three years ago, Adam, age 37 and a Certified Family Law Specialist, exhibits true leadership well beyond his years. Lipsic’s leadership extends beyond the firm as he consistently achieves exceptional outcomes in complex cases with finesse and authenticity while earning a sterling reputation among industry peers decades his senior for his hard work, negotiation savvy and litigation skills.

Mr. Lipsic’s accomplishments include: Cementing a multi-million dollar royalty and asset deal with opposing counsel on behalf of A-list musical legend, guiding a renowned movie producer thorough international issues relating to their support and property settlement division which was kept so quiet that it never hit the entertainment trades, resolving a sensitive, complex child support and custody matter on behalf of one of the NBA’s highest paid athletes, successfully negotiating a 50-50 custodial arrangement on behalf of a serial entrepreneur on the eve of trial despite an adverse custodial evaluation; and, litigating the validity and enforceability of a Prenuptial Agreement on behalf of a Silicon Valley tech titan. Mr. Lipsic has emerged as a serious legal powerhouse behind the personal lives of many of L.A.’s top influencers, entertainers, pro athletes and high asset individuals. Groomed by Mannis and Hersh, Adam is their wunderkind rising star, achieving certification as a Family Law Specialist and being named a Partner of the firm at the age of 34, just three years ago. Moreover, this past year has brought Adam the invaluable recognition of industry peers and partners many years his senior, for his work ethic, negotiation savvy and litigation skills.

For the Leaders in Law category, the nominating committee also acknowledged Hersh Mannis’ Joe Mannis for leadership spanning many facets of the philanthropic, artistic and legal community. With 40 plus years of career experience, the impact of Mr. Mannis’ presence in Los Angeles’ creative circles is profound. A thumbnail sketch of his work would include: Producing two major feature films, over 120 rock concerts, as an attorney, representing hundreds of actors, directors and prominent entertainment executives and representing many well-known artists in Los Angeles. He also has represented dozens of professional athletes, entertainers, motion picture & TV executives including, in one instance, several individuals on the “Forbes 400,” their spouses or mothers of their children. Mr. Mannis and his firm’s unyielding discretion with respect to the privacy of celebrity and ultra-high net worth clientele has earned them full-access to the lives and personal affairs of those individuals.

Hersh Mannis’ founding partner, Neal Raymond Hersh is known as the dynamic leader and discreet legal muscle behind the personal lives of the Los Angeles elite and he has had both an interesting and successful year. In 2016, Mr. Hersh was vetted as one of Variety’s Top 50 attorneys who have had have had a major impact on the entertainment industry over the past year. Neal has shown extraordinary leadership at Hersh Mannis’ team of associates and partners and has led the firm to set the very highest of professional and ethical standards in the area of family law. This past year’s recent accomplishments include: serving as lead counsel on a multi-week trial on behalf of their prominent entertainment client’s business valuation, reasonable compensation and tax issues, prevailing on an important California custody and move away case on behalf of a high-profile father, serving as co-counsel for major national sports figure involving multiple co and lead counsel in Arizona and California, representing a worldwide music icon in a complex prenuptial agreement involving assets in two countries and two U.S. states, constructing a highly complex visitation schedule and child support agreement on behalf of one of Britain’s hottest boyband helmers.

Diversity and inclusivity are of great importance to Hersh Mannis. Also recognized for leadership by The Los Angeles Business Journal was the firm’s seasoned associate attorney, Marc Andre Bertet. In 2016, Mr. Bertet spearheaded a groundbreaking program on same-sex marriage for his professional colleagues at the annual Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Family Law Symposium and also organized and brought together top legal influencers in LGBT rights and family law to speak with him about the unique nature of same-sex marriage and divorce proceedings in light of the groundbreaking Supreme Court case, Obergefell v. Hodges that made marriage equality the law of the land. Marc created this program as an opportunity to share his insight and knowledge with his professional colleagues to eliminate bias and to ensure that LGBT attorneys and LGBT issues are well-represented among his peers.