Now the question facing lawyers for both sides is how the fight playing is playing out in the media and whether it will impact the legal proceedings. Moreover,  whether the public relations war is the only war that really matters for these celebs. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to well-known Los Angeles divorce lawyer, Neal Hersh who is no stranger to tense divorces, having represented Kim Basinger in her divorce from Alec Baldwin and Denise Richards in her split form Charlie Sheen. (

Celebrities have the same marital issues as non-celebrities but theirs are subject to extreme public scrutiny. According to Hersh, “While judges don’t like it when cases are argued in the media, the court likely won’t take it as seriously as it would if there were children involved.  Because Heard is famous, people are examining her motivations for requesting a temporary restraining order with a microscope.”  Apparently the publicity has been brutal in this case and top attorneys think that it  should make everyone involved focused on reaching a settlement and that settlement could end up being bigger than what a court might award simply because Depp might want to end the bad publicity. “Their attorneys are likely already working behind closed doors to make that happen, and I would not be surprised if the hearing on the domestic violence matter gets postponed.  Right now, I think they’re both best served by trying to put this to bed.  That’s what I think is going to happen, “ said Hersh.