Joseph Mannis and Neal Raymond Hersh were recognized again as one of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Top legal troubleshooters, and were profiled in their special edition today, among a short list of the most influential attorneys in entertainment and media.

To identify the top legal minds representing L.A.’s current entertainment elite, The Hollywood Reporter’s editorial team researched the biggest legal cases of the year, and then identified the top legal troubleshooters associated with those cases. That shortlist is subsequently evaluated against their peers based on cases won, the nature of deals closed, and their individual reputations within the entertainment legal community.



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About Joseph Mannis and Neal Raymond Hersh

After nearly 20 years in business, Mr. Mannis and Mr. Hersh, and the partners of Hersh Mannis LLP have earned an important seat at the table among a very specialized type of clientele – One who requires fierce protection of not only their personal lives, but also their professional lives and reputations. Hersh Mannis’ partners and associates possess advanced certifications and the vast business acumen required to successfully represent clients with complex personal and professional lives and diverse revenue streams. Joseph Mannis and Neal Raymond Hersh consistently top the short list of attorneys, nationwide, sought after by high profile individuals, including top entertainers, athletes, public figures in tech, executives at Fortune 500 companies, major studios, and real estate investors and developers with global assets and interests.

“…Cases get bigger and bigger because people have more and more money and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting..”
– Joseph Mannis
“Our job is to be creative and come up with solutions where people think they are not available”
– Neal Hersh