A voyeuristic look into the messy, complicated, chaotic ins and outs. (http://www.marieclaire.com/culture/a15537/celebrity-divorce-facts/)  Who do celebrities turn to when they need to file for divorce and what are the particular challenges involved for a divorce attorney when your client is in the public eye?  Neal Hersh speaks to some of the more fine points of how to handle a potentially career threatening divorce under the pressure and scrutiny of the public eye.

Given the paparazzi culture in which we live, protecting the privacy of a client requires coordination and finesse.  Celebrity divorce attorney, Neal Hersh offered this insight:  “[Lawyers] have to make sure their client is represented in the most favorable light so that at the end of the day, they have a career to go back to,” says Hersh. “You don’t want anyone to be cast in a disparaging light in the public arena, which is a delicate, important aspect. Publicist’s jobs focus primarily on boosting a client’s career, but they’re not always equipped to deal with backlash. Lawyers, publicists, and celebrities collaborate on the types of statements that are issued and *exactly* how they should be phrased. Of course, lawyers aren’t trained to be crisis counselors, but experienced ones have been dragged through enough publicized situations and can lend vital insight.